John BekarianJohn Bekarian began his craftsmanship experience at a very early age in Europe. He was an apprentice to a small circle of renowned artisans who masterfully taught him how to set diamonds in the “old world” style. This is a painstaking task which is not handed down to many.
He then began mastering other types of settings including “channel” and later “invisible”. Later, he moved to New York and after to Los Angeles.
In Los Angeles, he began working with many different gemstones and various different kinds of metals including platinum, gold silver and palladium. John mastered these new mediums in a short time.
He has become one of the few known diamond setters in Los Angeles, who excel in their craft. He teaches other jewelers his craft and helps the jewelry industry raise the bar in skill, quality and art. He is prominent in the “invisible” setting technique in the Los Angeles jewelry industry.
He continues to make original designs and finds newer and more efficient ways to set all gemstones in a contemporary and remarkable way. He is a modernizer who spares no expense in using the latest cutting edge technology but remembers that the marriage of “old” and “new” to be the future in the art of jewelry manufacturing.


  1. Hi there – I was wondering if you will do pave setting for Turquoise cabs? I’m looking to have some ~ 1.75mm turquoise cabs bed set into a small pendant. Can you let me know if this is something you do and what approx pricing per stone or hour would be, as well approx how much total space you need on either side of the Turquoise for a bright cut? Let me know if you need me to email over photos for clarification.

    1. Hi Jessica, I will be contacting you shortly via your “contact” tab on your website.

      Majestic Art Jewelry

    2. hello
      I’m doubt of your ring’s price.
      By the way,how do you pack?

      1. Hello Ying,

        I will be contacting you shortly with some information to the email you provided.

        Thank You,
        Majestic Art

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