My Hero!

In by D.W. Kim

I had tried a new vendor to do a design for a customer. The customer kept adding elements to the job (making us and the vendor more money in the long run) but the vendor just couldn’t see the end result we were trying to achieve. No one’s fault, just sometimes things don’t work out and translation gets lost. This custom job lingered at almost the year mark and getting a VERY good $$ customer frustrated (her hubby has already found a new jeweler over this… yes | have lost more than my credibility on this job). I have made MANY HUGE customs for her in the past; this is going to hurt me in the long run, even now by giving her the job at a fraction over cost to save face. Now flash forward… I called John just awhile back in desperation. He took this job on and while the name of his company is Majestic Art, today isn’t a good enough name…. he is my hero and my customer is over the moon. I hope her hubby hears her singing the praises. Thank you John!!! I can’t say enough of your quality craftsmanship and of course your beautiful piece of art!!!

Barbara Independent Jewelers Organization Forum August, 2014